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The idea for Max & Lilly came after years of struggling to find dependable, loving, and affordable pet care outside of our network of family and friends. We scouted the regular websites that offer pet care services with no luck (kennels were never an option for us).  The pet-sitters on these sites seek to make extra income watching dogs for a living.  An overnight stay costs around $35/night on average. Pet-sitters were incentivized by earning cash and maximizing earnings. We thought there was a better way that served the pets and the pet owners.


The cost for an overnight stay of a dog averages $35/night.  A week out of town costs $250.  The expense aside, trying to find pet-sitters that one could trust and feel good about leaving pets with is difficult. And, asking the same family and friend to help out makes one feel guilty or uneasy.

The biggest problem was that many dog sitters try to watch as many pets as possible to subsidize their income. We came to pick up our dogs after a weekend away to find them with four other dogs, two cats, and a caged rabbit, none of which were there when we dropped our pets off. We understand that it’s a business for many of these sitters, which is fine, but we do not consider the care of pets to be a job. Our dogs were always best looked after by people who did it purely out of love. The love to the pet should be the driving factor and not a financial gain.  With the right group of individuals in our network the only question we had to answer is how to keep it fair among us pet owners.


MAX & LILLY is a trusted community marketplace that connects loving pet owners with other like-minded pet owners who are willing to share their time to sit, walk and board each other’s pets.

MAX & LILLY provides an alternative to current pet-care by connecting pet owners around the world. We created a community where people see caring for a pet as a part of their lives and not a job. Our community members open their homes and share their time and space with pets in our community.

We provide customer care and pet insurance for your pet while you are traveling and the comfort of knowing that your pet is safe, well taking care of and loved while you are away.

MAX & LILLY makes owning a pet more affordable, enables people to add pets to their families, and provides pet owners with flexibility to lead an active life.

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