Please immediate contact your host and inform him or her about your change in plans. In the event that he/she are available to keep your pet then please redeem your additional credits. In the event that he/she is not available, then please go to our member’s site and post an ad to find a member to take over or search the listings for available hosts. Please arrange for the delivery or pick up of your pet through our members or somebody in your circle. Please ensure that the new host has all the information needed to care probably for your pet and to keep him/her safe and happy.
Yes, you can. You will have 90 days after your return to make up for the credits. In the event that you decide not to make up the credits by hosting other member’s Pet’s then your credit card will be charged $35 per credit. Funds earned though this method will be donated to a pet related foundation. We encourage to earn the credits while hosting or walking other member’s pets so our community can remain vibrate and supportive.
Max and Lilly’s offers insurance while you are away. You have purchased the annual insurance at the time of your first usage. The host will be able to bring your pet to an approved vet for care. The host will inform you immediately about the condition of your pet so you can talk to the vet to find the best solution and treatment for your pet.
Please contact the member who offered to watch your pet. We recommend a meeting with your pet if feasible in a public place like dog park, coffee shop or hiking place. The meet-and-greet prior to sitting your pet is not mandatory but recommended.
Please provide his/her dog food and water bowl, their food for the stay plus 3 extra days, some treats, beds etc. Any items that will make them feel safe. We discourage from bringing their toys, this can lead to the appearance of toy aggressive among the other pets in the household.
Yes, you can use the site but you are asked to make up for the credit within 90 days after your return. In the event that you decide not to make up for the credits, then you will pay a credit fee of $35 per credit.
If you have person reasons or cannot find anyone on Max & Lilly for whom you could host, then please contact our Max and Lilly Staff. We will be able to extend your grace period.
With the use of the Max & Lilly site, you have purchased liability insurance which will cover the damage.

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