The pet owner has purchased liability insurance which will step in and pay for any damages directly caused by the hosted pet.
Please contact Max & Lilly staff immediately. We will try to arrange for a pick up by the owner or we will find a solution regarding the care of the pet.
Please contact the pet owner immediately and place an ad on our Max & Lilly site to find a replacement sitter. The pet owner may have a replacement available. In the event that you are not able to find somebody then please contact Our Max & Lilly Staff so we can assist in finding a pet care solution for the remaining days
The pet owner will be required to assist in finding an additional host for the extension period. They will need to place an ad on the Max & Lilly platform and/or find somebody to watch their pet in their own circle. We encourage you to assist in the process of finding somebody to host.
You can transfer or receive credits from other Max & Lilly Members. Please have your Friend or Family Member go to their Credit Balance and transfer credits to you.

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