How It Works

dogwithpencilHow to Join Max & Lilly

Here is how it works…

1.  Download the App

2.  Create Your Profile

3.  Create a Profile for Each Pet

4.  How Do You Want to Host Other Pets – Describe what you are willing to provide to other pets as well as the type of animals you are most keen on spending time with.

5.  Introduce Yourself & Your Furry Friends to the Community – You will be able to direct message other Members, befriend them and their pets.

6.  Start browsing members, their pets, and our Marketplace.

7. You will Receive 5 Credits after Completing your Profile and your Pet’s Profile.

8.  Refer Your Friends, Earn Credits.

9. Start Hosting & Redeem Credits Your Have Earned for Pet Services.

Too Busy?

Are you busy during the day or are you working late? No problem. Find somebody to walk your dog or visit your cat during the day when you are not available. Place an ad on Max & Lilly and connect with loving, caring Max & Lilly members to help


Are you traveling, leaving town for a vacation or on business? Find somebody to watch your pet on Max & Lilly. It’s easy, it’s fast and it’s less expensive than all of the other options.

Kittens Need Care Too!

You can find a Max & Lilly Member to look after your cat(s). You can schedule day visits and play dates for your cat while you are busy traveling or working.

Feathers, Fins, Scales? Yep!

We have your back even if you don’t have a furry friend but a scaly one. Place an ad and find a member to visit, to play with, and to feed your friend(s).

Farm Animals

You can find somebody to feed your Farm Animals when you are on the go. Place an ad with details about your set-up and find somebody to look after your herd, pack, and flock. Each visit up to 30 minutes will be 5 credits.

Free Sign up

Download the App, sign up for free and become a member. Provide images and any information about your pet and yourself you would like to share with others.  You can chat with other members, write messages, browse the marketplace, and browse other pet profiles as well as member profiles. You can create groups tailored to your pet, your interests like hikes, play dates etc.  Share your free time to make sure we can all live a free, happy and connected life.

Place an Ad!

Find a Member to watch your pet or offer your time to watch a member’s pet. Browse Member ads, and once you connect with another Member, schedule a meet-and-greet prior to the scheduled host date.

Meet and Greet!

We recommend to set up a “Meet-and Greet” prior to the hosting date. This will allow you to feel safe and content when the time comes that you will leave your furry friend in the care of a Max & Lilly member host.


Create a check list for items that your pet may need while you are gone:

  1. Food
  2. Food/Water Bowl
  3. Treats
  4. Dog Bed
  5. Leash/Collar
  6. Toys (if your dog or host dog is not possessive about their toys
  7. Medications if needed
  8. Contact information while traveling

Credit Exchange

We have set up a system where each member will be able to earn credits for watching, walking, visting other member’s pets.  You will receive ten credit for a 24h overnight care. You will receive 5 credit per walk, outing or visit. Now you will have credits available which you will be able to redeem and transfer to another member who is now in return watching your pet. Nobody gets paid for this service. It is a 100% sharing of time and love to our pets community.It does not have to be the same member. You can redeem your credit with any other member who is available to watch or walk your pet.

Price Breakdown

The redemption fee per credit is $8. A member only pays this when they have another members providing a pet service. This fee is to keep our lights on and provide and develop this portal to our community. You will be paying the liability insurance premium with your first redeemed credit. The annual insurance is $49 plus $8 for your first credit redeemed. So your first credit will be $57 and after that it will be $8 for each credit redeemed.

Your Community Cares

The best feeling in the world is when you know that your pet is safe, content and well taking care off. Max & Lilly members will give you that feeling because they are motivated by their own love to their pets and desire to create a safe and happy environment. This is a support system that makes life easier while connecting like minded pet lovers.

Customer Service

Our Max & Lilly team is here for your support with any questions before and during the time when you are caring for other member’s pet. We are in this together to ensure a safe and happy environment for our furry friends.


You can fully enjoy your well deserved vacation while knowing that your “best” friends at home are well cared for.

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