Why Host A Pet

This is our personal story.  We tell it so that you might think about all the wonderful benefits of hosting pets and just maybe it motivates you to host.

We love our dogs, cats and farm animals.  We live a very active life. We love to travel.  We love to explore all the many places with our dogs.  When it is just not practical to bring our dogs, we explore ‘sans canine’.  There have been trips we did not take because we couldn’t find an affordable and loving solution for our furry friends.  Fortunately, we have great friends who have helped out, but they are not always available.

At times, we decided to use professional dog sitters.  Our experiences were two-fold – some good and some not so good; all extremely pricey. We understand that companies and people, who pet sit for a living will want to charge what the market provides them. There is no issue with this at all.  Our concern has always been the need for caring people that are first motivated by the love of animals.  Sometimes we find pet sitters encouraged to pet sit 10 dogs in a one-bedroom apartment to maximize their money-making potential.  This is something that just didn’t work for us. We always feel more comfortable having a friend, who is motivated by the love of animals to watch our pets.  Of course, we found it only fair if we too were available when they needed us.  This has worked well for us, but we realize the larger the network the better this system works.

Max & Lilly members do exactly that. They watch your pet for many different reasons:

  1. They love to meet and engage with a variety of different pets.

  2. They seek to bring playmates home for their pets.

  3. They feel inspired to support the pet owner & pet community.

  4. They want to meet other like-minded pet owners.

  5. And, they seek to earn Credits for the next trip around the world… ;-)

We are a unique community of pet owners that are first and foremost emotionally motivated for the love of animals and not related to a direct financial gain.  Instead, we all seek to find a community of balance where we are there for one another.

Surely, you will safe money by watching somebody’s pet because you are earning credits which you can then redeem yourself at a later point.  This balance is rewarding.  Our members can schedule the hosting engagements around their free schedule.  Max & Lilly works to build a community of pet owners who share this frame of mind and help the platform keep costs down while providing the best pet services in the market.

The really fun part is that you can host a dog to earn credits but have somebody watch your cat in return. You don’t have to trade time for the same species. We don’t discriminate- all credits are the same no matter how earned!!!!

Do you love Great Danes, Pugs or any other breed. Now you can enjoy them for a weekend or longer.

Was your New Year resolution to be more active? Then sign up for to walk a dog and earn credits for your next travel.

The best thing – you can host pets and earn credits for somebody else. You can earn credits then gift them to your friends and family. Your son, daughter, sister, brother may be really busy at work so you can earn the credits and transfer them so they can redeem those credits when they travel for work or fun.  And, you don’t even have to be at the same location. You may live in Fort Lauderdale and your family member lives in Los Angeles. Just transfer the credits to them and let them use the credits from wherever they are.

The next best thing is…. you can find a pet sitter from the city you travel to. Let’s imagine that you are invited to a wedding and the hotel does not except pets. You can post an ad in the town that you are traveling to and find somebody to watch your pet while you’re in town. That’s pretty cool.

All these fun options as well as the great savings because you are a part of a like-minded community of pet owners.

The redemption fees cover the cost to keep the lights on, customer service, and insurance.  A 24 hours pet hosting will cost ten credits and our redemption fee is $8/ten credits instead of the average $35-$45 per night with other services.  A 30 minute home pet visit or dog walk will cost five credits or $4/five credits redemption fee.

Our redemption fee is charged so we can cover our overhead, pay our employees, provide customer care as well as insurance to our members. We will be able to provide insurance coverage when we have 500 members signed up and users on our site. The first credit redemption fee will include the annual insurance fee of $55. The insurance fee will be reduced based on active members on the site.

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