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Some of Max & Lilly's Highlights


Being a Max & Lilly member allows you to create a profile for yourself and your pets, interact with other members on the site, connect, and make new friends. Maybe, you’ll even find your next hiking buddy. Not to mention, you’ll find the perfect person to watch your pet while you’re exploring the world.

Build Community and Earn

Refer a friend and receive credits to use at a later time.

Social Network

You can instant message your friends on Max & Lilly, connect with your pet host and review status updates, videos and pictures of adorable pets and your friends.

Customer Care

Max & Lilly offers customer care to ensure the safety of your pet while you are traveling.

Pet Insurance

Once we have 500 active members, Max & Lilly will cover all transactions with pet insurance for your pet or while you are caring for another Max & Lilly member’s pet.  This feature will allow you to relax and enjoy your get-away.  Help us get to 500 active members!

Affordable Pet Care

Max & Lilly is a new innovative approach to pet sitting, walking and hosting. This solution is the most affordable Pet Care solution available. Download the App, sign up and check it out.

Robert, Co-Founder

I love my pets, but can’t always have them with me when I want.  I realized that kennels are not an option and the cost of dog walkers or sitters could be exorbitantly expensive.  I always wanted my pets to feel at home with whomever was watching them. So, we thought why not get a bunch of friends together to help each other out when we each needed it. The plan worked very well. Max & Lilly was the culmination of that experience for the benefit of a larger community.”

Christian, Co-Founder

“I got my first dog 12 years ago. I rescued him from a shelter in Los Angeles. Rescuing him was one of the best and most rewarding things I have done. He is still my buddy and I am very blessed to have him around. He opened my heart so wide that I have personally rescued roughly 60 cats and dogs since that time, all of whom are re-homed and living a happy life.  My hope is that Max & Lilly will allow for more people to rescue animals because our network of people will make pet owning easier and more affordable.”

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